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Argumentative essay writing is a type of academic writing which requires a student to take a stance, present an opinion on the topic or issue and then defend that opinion or stance based on facts and evidence from relevant and trustworthy sources.  Generally, students are required to briefly summarize the issue, write a thesis statement, take a side in which they agree or disagree, support their position using a number of sources and examine counter arguments. The aim of an argumentative essay type of assignment is to help students understand the different viewpoints of a current topic and demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of the issue in question.

Here, we help students adhere to the highest standards of argumentative essay writing. With the help of professional essay writers who have an extensive academic background, many students have benefited from our services. Through detailed investigation of interpretations, perspectives, and cause-and-effect statements, we have build thousands of argumentative essays that have enabled students like you to effectively convince your instructor as well as audience that your opinion and interpretation of the issue makes the most sense.

Pay for Argumentative Essay
Pay for Argumentative Essay

We follow a list of principles in structuring your argumentative essay.

  • We clearly outline and defined thesis statement in the first paragraph of the essay.
  • We develop succinct and logical and transitions between the introduction, thesis, arguments, counter-argument and conclusion.
  • We ensure that each paragraph discusses a separate issue of discussion and connects logically with the thesis statement in the introduction section.
  • Every argument is supported with facts and figures from research studies in the topic under discussion.
  • A counter-argument is presented to present an equally important but opposing view-point in the topic. Even if you have a contrary opinion, it is important to include the conflicting opinion to effectively make your point.
  • A refutation of the counter-argument to show why the argument does not hold much weight.
  • A conclusion that re-engages with the original thesis statement in light of discussion and evidence provided in the earlier sections

Most students seek our help particularly because they do not have a better understanding of how to organize their paper. Some do not have a good idea of the most suitable topic for their paper. Your choice of topic may not allow you to have a good amount of evidence to gather during research. We can help you consider the subject from a unique angle and collect adequate information that considers the important side of the equation. We will help you choose an argumentative essay topic using our firm understanding of the purpose of an argumentative essay. We stay clear from commonly discussed topics such as Euthanasia and others that your instructors have come across in numerous occasions. We keep in mind that the paper is about proving that your opinion has merit in order to convince the reader to take your side.

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